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The following State Snapshot Executive Summary PDFs are a collation of selected key information represented on this Web site for each State in a format that can be printed easily. The PDF files are in Adobe Acrobat format.

Select a State below to download the file for that State. The amount of time needed to access a document depends on your machine, Browser, and Internet connection.

For information on the NHQR measures included in the State Snapshots summary measures, download the Measures Appendix (325 kb).

Alabama (134.2 kb)

Alaska (135.5 kb)

Arizona (132.6 kb)

Arkansas (131.2 kb)

California (131.6 kb)

Colorado (132.2 kb)

Connecticut (135.0 kb)

Delaware (133.6 kb)

District of Columbia (139.1 kb)

Florida (131.2 kb)

Georgia (131.6 kb)

Hawaii (135.7 kb)

Idaho (133.6 kb)

Illinois (132.0 kb)

Indiana (133.8 kb)

Iowa (133.0 kb)

Kansas (133.8 kb)

Kentucky (132.4 kb)

Louisiana (134.1 kb)

Maine (132.6 kb)

Maryland (132.6 kb)

Massachusetts (135.2 kb)

Michigan (133.0 kb)

Minnesota (132.0 kb)

Mississippi (133.7 kb)

Missouri (131.3 kb)

Montana (133.7 kb)

Nebraska (133.0 kb)

Nevada (132.3 kb)

New Hampshire (134.6 kb)

New Jersey (132.0 kb)

New Mexico (135.2 kb)

New York (133.3 kb)

North Carolina (131.9 kb)

North Dakota (134.0 kb)

Ohio (133.3 kb)

Oklahoma (132.6 kb)

Oregon (132.8 kb)

Pennsylvania (135.2 kb)

Rhode Island (133.2 kb)

South Carolina (131.6 kb)

South Dakota (134.3 kb)

Tennessee (132.2 kb)

Texas (130.6 kb)

Utah (133.1 kb)

Vermont (135.4 kb)

Virginia (131.1 kb)

Washington (134.2 kb)

West Virginia (135.0 kb)

Wisconsin (132.0 kb)

Wyoming (137.2 kb)

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