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South Carolina

2010 National Healthcare Quality Report

Ranking on Selected Measures

The following ranking shows how well this State is performing among all the States on 18 important measures of health care quality from the 2010 National Healthcare Quality Report. These measures were selected to represent a broad range of many common diseases.

Measure1 Definition All-State Average2 State Rate State Rank
Breast cancer deaths Breast cancer deaths per 100,000 female population 22.7 23.6 28
Colorectal cancer deaths Colorectal cancer deaths per 100,000 population per year 16.8 16.3 17
Diabetes with flu shots Percentage of noninstitutionalized high-risk adults ages 18-64 with diabetes who had an influenza immunization in the past year 47.0 40 42
End Stage Renal Disease
Adequate dialysis Percentage of adult hemodialysis patients with adequate dialysis 96.2 96.8 15
Heart attack - PCI in 90 minutes Percentage of hospital patients with heart attack who received percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) within 90 minutes of arrival 82.4 90.3 4
Always got appointment for illness/injury/condition - adults on Medicare managed care Percentage of adults who needed care right away for an illness, injury, or condition in the last 12 months who got care as soon as wanted, Medicare managed care 69.7 63.3 39
Heart Disease
Heart attack - ACEI or ARB at discharge Percentage of hospital patients with heart attack and left ventricular systolic dysfunction who were prescribed ACE inhibitor or ARB at discharge 94.1 95.8 11
Heart failure - recommended hospital care received Percentage of hospital patients with heart failure who received recommended hospital care 95.3 96.8 5
Maternal and Child Health
Children fully vaccinated Percentage of children ages 19-35 months who received all recommended vaccines (4:3:1:3:3) 77.7 78.8 16
Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Suicide deaths Suicide deaths per 100,000 population 10.7 11.7 22
Respiratory Diseases
Pneumonia vaccine ever - age 65 plus Percentage of adults age 65 and over who ever received a pneumococcal vaccination 67.6 67.1 26
Pneumonia - recommended hospital care received Percentage of hospital patients with pneumonia who received recommended hospital care 90.4 92.4 6
HIV deaths HIV infection deaths per 100,000 population 2.6 7.1 30
Patient Safety
Inpatient surgery - appropriate antibiotic timing Percentage of adult surgery patients who received appropriate timing of antibiotics 91.9 93.4 10
Supportive and Palliative Care
Nursing home long-stay residents - physically restrained Percentage of long-stay nursing home residents who were physically restrained 3.4 6.3 45
Nursing home long-stay residents - low-risk with pressure sores Percentage of low-risk long-stay nursing home residents who have pressure sores 2.0 2.4 39
Functional Status Preservation and Rehabilitation
Home health care - improved mobility Percentage of home health care patients who get better at walking or moving around 44.3 54.7 3
Patient Centeredness
Always had good communication with providers - adults on Medicare managed care Percentage of adults who had a doctor's office or clinic visit in the last 12 months whose health providers always listened carefully, explained things clearly, respected what they had to say, and spent enough time with them, Medicare managed care 75.4 76.6 11

1 Further details on measure specifications are available in the NHQR Measure Specifications Appendix.

2 These all-State averages are consistently calculated across all measures and differ slightly from those in the National Healthcare Quality Report. For more information, select the Methods page.